Real Madrid, the comeback after the defeat

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What a comeback for Real Madrid! They tied a score of 3-0 on their way to the semifinals of the champion’s league; Zidane’s team appeared to have swallowed the magic potion today as they played against Wolfsburg.

They played with a lot of possession, they created opportunities to score and they much played like the classic Real Madrid would. Rocket Ronaldo played a hat trick to score two goals in the first half, two of them that were composed of a close-range finish, and a header in 90 seconds, yes you just read that! Two goals in one minute and a half.

The Spaniards did not stop there as Ronnie Ronaldo aka Cristiano Ronaldo continued to crush the German team’s hopes for a championship with a free kick through the wall. The odds were absolutely on Real Madrid’s side today.

As for Wolfsburg, the opposite team’s midfielder Julian Draxler got injured during the second half, but even during the first half, the team played in a very lackluster way.

After today’s game, we can say that the hopes for an 11th European crown were just reborn for Real Madrid.




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