Football legend Johan Cruyff

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Mourning the death of this great pioneer that passed away last week in Barcelona due to a long battle with lung cancer, although Cruyff did quit smoking back in 1991 he was diagnosed with lung cancer back in October 2015.

Johan Cruyff ,the Dutch legend, and pioneer of Football not only won three European Player of the year awards but he was also the manager of FC Barcelona and had led the team to earn multiple titles.

Cruyff was one of the first great legends of the game of soccer. Born in Amsterdam,Netherlands, he caught the local soccer team’s attention since he was little and started playing in the youth division at age 10. He was the perfect example of the Total Football strategy created by the Ajax team’s manager at the time, Rinus Michels. His swiftness and intelligence made him a perfect fit for every position on the field. Ajax won six Dutch championships, three European cups, and two UEFA super cups. All of this in six years only, between 1966 and 1973. In 1971, Cruyff won the Ballon d’Or which made him the first European player to earn such an award.

He then won another Ballon d’Or throughout his first season with FC Barcelona in 1973-74 and the year after that, he was the first three-time Ballon d’Or winner. During his first season leading FC Barcelona, he set a record of 5-0 through the league title leaving the teams first rival Real Madrid behind. Cruyff scored 33 goals in 48 international appearances. He retired in 1978 to play for the United States clubs, the Los Angeles Aztecs, and the Washington Diplomate. He then played for the Spanish team Levante UD to go back to Ajax in the Netherlands and play for two successful seasons and end with Feyenoord in Rotterdam for his last season.


In 1985, Johann Cruyff led the Ajax team as a manager with no previous experience in the domain and helped them win two Dutch cups and a UEFA cup. He then returned back to FC Barcelona in 1988 to help the club earn four phenomenal titles from 1989 through 1994, not only that but the club also won three Super Cups, a European Cup, and a Copa del Rey title. Due to his excellent accomplishments, Cruyff was voted the European player of the Century and finished second behind the Brazilian legend Pélé.

One thing to retain is that Cruyff was one of the first few that mastered the game of soccer so easily. He had so many accomplishments that made him absolutely legendary.

For his remembrance,Fc Barcelona has decided to hold a period of mourning until April 2nd.

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