Captain Hinrich leaves the Bulls.

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The time has come for Kirk Hinrich to leave the Chicago Bulls.If there was any player that represented the true element of being a Bull for the previous seasons, it would be no one but Kirk Hinrich. Captain Hinrich came back to join the team for the season of 2012-2013 after being traded from the Atlanta Hawks which is the team he got traded for again this year. Captain Hinrich gave his all to the Chicago Bulls and deserves all the recognition out there.From being a captain and leading the team, to giving out all his best when the Bulls needed him the most. His trade occurred surprisingly and it appears it happened partly due to financial reasons. The other reason was to gain roster options which are extremely important for the future. The team acknowledges that they have to make a change in the near future if they want to make it to the top. Following to this trade, the Bulls have received a second round pick and a 6-6 defensive-shooting oriented guard/small forward from the University of Washington, his name is Justin Holiday. Justin won the 2015 championship with the Golden State Warriors before he got traded to Atlanta afterward. Welcome to the team Justin!

Now other rumors surrounded the Bulls, some evolved around Pau Gasol being traded from the Chicago Bulls, but so far, no significant move has been taken into consideration upon this rumor as Gasol and the Bulls seem to be having a strong bond that will probably reassure his return for next year’s season.


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